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Any player between the ages of 18 (school leaver) & 23 years of age

Yes our High Performance Programme is a full time professional programme designed to test & show our players what will be expected of them to become a professional rugby player and to get them ready for when that opportunity comes.

No, we asses every applicants CV & or video footage and every successful applicant will receive an email with more information to join the academy

Yes we play in the Carlton Blue Bulls league. We use this games to gather footage to market our players abroad.

Yes there are costs involved. All the relevant information will be emailed to every successful applicant

The RTA accepted only 25 players in 2021 and is aiming to take in around 35 players in 2022.

Yes , although we primarily focuses on finding opportunities abroad , we do have opportunities in SA as a secondary option as we are connected with unions, coaches , universities and clubs in South Africa.

No you don’t have to but we believe in having balance and we do recommend to all our players to study one of our two courses that we present to have something behind your name for life after rugby.

We do not have full bursaries but we do give a certain percentage through a bursary to top applicants.

The RTA will kick off on the 1st of February 2022 and end at the end of September.


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