Tiaan Coetzee


Tiaan Coetzee comes out of Paul Roos High School in Stellenbosch where he played 1st team and then signed a contract with the blue bulls rugby union after school where he was in the blue bulls under 19 and under 21 squads.

Tiaan took a 3 week package to go to 2 clubs in France on a trail. He flew to Paris and from Paris he took a train straight to Agen rugby club in the south of France where he spent a week with Agen’s rugby academy.

Tiaan was thoroughly tested, his skills, fitness, gym tests and general game were tested by the academy under the watchful eye of the current French U/20 backline coach.

After a week at Agen, he took a train to Paris where he trained with State Francais for 2 weeks. There he was also thoroughly tested by the French club. It was bitterly cold in Paris (December 2017) and even snowed so much that they could not go on field for a few days.